31.7 FT

The Intelligibility Calculator displays the distances at which the MXA910 transmits talkers' voices with high speech intelligibility.

Array Height
Recommended Coverage Diameter
Talker Position
How is this calculated?

The MXA910 Intelligibility Calculator is based on the following room conditions:

A weighted room noise = 40dBSPL(A)
RT60 (reverb time) = .55s @ 1kHz
Seated height = 4 FT / 1.22 M
Standing height = 6 FT / 1.83 M

Under these specified conditions, the microphone maintains an "A" rating based on the STIPA (Speech Transmission Index for Public Address systems) international standard at distances up to 16 feet between the microphone and talker. In better acoustic environments, the STIPA "A" rating may extend beyond 16 feet.

For more information on the STIPA intelligibility metric, please see IEC standard 602682-16. You also can review the qualification bands and typical applications here.